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Push for Rinehart trust to be ‘wound up’

2019年9月18日 | 苏州美甲 | Permalink

Gina Rinehart’s legal team has criticised a “surprise” suggestion that the multi-billion dollar trust at the centre of her family’s long-running dispute be wound up.


In yet another twist in the case between the mining magnate and two of her children, John Hancock and Bianca Rinehart, the latters’ barrister Christopher Withers raised concerns on Friday as to what would happen if the Supreme Court cannot reach a decision on who will be the new trustee.

So far every proposal for a replacement trustee – including Bianca Rinehart, Mr Hancock and independent trustees – has been criticised by one or more parties during the lengthy court proceedings.

The longer the case “drags on, the more disputes there are” between Mr Hancock and Bianca Rinehart and their mother, Mr Withers argued.

He said the court may need to “face up to the fact that the only option is to wind the trust up”.

This would also act to appease any concerns over what would happen to a lucrative joint venture between Hancock Prospecting (HPPL) and mining giant Rio Tinto if a trustee outside the Rinehart family was appointed to take over the running of the $5 billion trust, he said.

“If the trust is wound up and my clients and other trustees become shareholders in Hancock Prospecting then this risk would go away.”

But Gina Rinehart’s barrister Bruce McClintock SC said an application to wind up the trust had nothing to do with the proceedings before the court and came as “something of a surprise”.

“I see no power to wind up the trust … your honour would not be entertaining it,” he told Justice Paul Brereton.

The latest turn comes more than two years after Mr Hancock and Bianca Rinehart lodged a claim against their mining magnate mother.

The pair allege Gina Hancock acted “deceitfully” and with “gross dishonesty” in her dealings with the trust, set up in 1988 by her father, Lang Hancock, with her four children as the beneficiaries.

The pair were previously supported by their sister Hope Welker, but she withdrew from the case last year.

Ms Rinehart, who is supported by her youngest daughter Ginia, has denied the claims but agreed to bow out as trustee last year.

Justice Brereton dismissed the newest proposal on Friday saying that he would not regard an application to wind up the trust as being within the scope of the present case.

I was ready to punch faces: Greste’s dad

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The father of Peter Greste has spoken of the boiling rage that washed over him after the Australian journalist was denied bail in an Egyptian court.


Mr Greste, who’s been behind bars in Egypt for the past two months, will remain in prison after being refused bail at his first court hearing overnight.

The 48-year-old Al-Jazeera reporter and a number of his network colleagues are accused of “airing false news” and misleading outside viewers about the situation in Egypt.

They’ve also been accused of backing the black-listed Muslim Brotherhood.

Peter’s father Juris Greste has told reporters of the dismay and anger that washed over him as his son faced court, particularly when he saw footage of the “fortress” surrounding his son, colleagues and the entire court process.

“I found myself on a fine hair-trigger,” he said in Brisbane.

“I was like a highly-fused suicide vest. I was ready to kick walls and punch faces.

“I couldn’t help but see my son inside there – a perfectly innocent person.”

In an emotion-charged press conference in Brisbane, the Grestes said they were enduring a terrible emotional ordeal.

“I’m not embarrassed to confess that I’ve had the worst 24 hours in my life,” Juris Greste told reporters.

Mr Greste’s parents said they had been overwhelmed by support.

“Parenting never ends. Parenting goes until your last breath,” Juris Greste sobbed.

Mr Greste’s mother Lois read out a consulate report of the court proceedings, which included messages he had yelled out for his family, including “I love them, stay strong”,”I’m OK” and “I feel your support”.

She said Mr Greste had been able to tell other reporters that public support was vital to his case and it was protecting them during their incarceration.

While the Grestes said they respected Egypt’s justice system, they were concerned their son’s rights as a prisoner were not being honoured, including the amount of time he was allowed to spend outside.

Juris Greste said he was disappointed he had heard little from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Prime Minister Tony Abbott about Peter’s case in recent weeks.

Prominent London-based barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC has said the government is not doing enough to help Mr Greste and should lodge a complaint with the UN as his detainment breached international law.

The federal government has sought assurances from their Egyptian counterparts that Grestes case will be handled fairly.

“The government regrets that Mr Greste’s detention period has been extended further and that his bail application was denied by the Egyptian court.” a DFAT spokesman told AAP in a statement.

“We seek assurances from the Egyptian government that Mr Grestes case will be handled fairly and expeditiously and will respect basic standards of justice.”

Mr Greste is among 20 defendants accused of belonging to and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation and threatening national security.

Of the 20, only eight were present in the courtroom. The rest are at large and will be tried in absentia.

The trial was adjourned until March 5 after a 40-minute hearing.

No pound for independent Scotland

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British finance minister George Osborne has reiterated Scotland won’t keep the pound if it becomes independent from the UK.


Scotland will in September hold a referendum on its future that could result in the breaking up of the 300-year union with the United Kingdom.

Osborne called it “a huge event” and said he “passionately” wants Scotland to remain part of the UK, while repeating a warning from earlier this month of the consequences were it to leave.

“Part of our job, for those of us who are not in Scotland, is to point out some of the consequences of independence,” he said in Sydney, where he was attending this weekend’s G20 summit of finance ministers and central bankers.

“One of them is this question of the use of the pound where the leader of the Scottish National Party says ‘well, we will have a currency union with the rest of the UK, we will share the pound’.

“That is not possible, a currency union will not be sustainable for very similar reasons as to why the euro has proved a difficult currency union.”

All three of Britain’s main political parties have voiced similar sentiments.

The latest opinion poll in Scotland found 34 per cent in favour of independence and 52 per cent against. Twelve per cent were undecided and two per cent said they would not vote.

“For me personally, I passionately want Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom, I think it will be not only good for Scotland but the rest of the UK as well,” said Osborne.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has branded warnings about a currency union as a “concerted bid by a Tory-led Westminster establishment to bully and intimidate”.

In another blow to Scottish independence hopes, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso said on Sunday it would be “difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the European Union.

The Scottish government has previously said it will seek to negotiate Scotland’s EU membership in the 18 months after the referendum, should Scots vote in favour of leaving the UK.

Juve title bid feeling fixture pinch

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Juventus coach Antonio Conte leads his side into Sunday’s derby against Torino fearing the champions’ bid for a third consecutive scudetto could be hampered by their Europa League ambitions.


Juve hold a nine-point lead over Roma in Italy’s Serie A, which could be cut to six if Rudi Garica’s men win their game in hand over Parma, with Napoli a distant third a further four points off the pace.

At just past the halfway point stage, it looks to be a two-horse race for the title but Conte has refused to rule out slip-ups along the way.

“It’s a crucial point in the season as regards the league and Europe so it’s now we should be concentrating most,” Conte said prior to a 2-0 first-leg win over Trabzonspor in the last 32 of the Europa League.

“My warning is simple: we have to be extra vigilant. We’ve got 14 games left, plus a 15th if you count the players who will be on international (friendly) duty.”

After a disastrous Champions League campaign ended at the group stage, Juve, as well as league rivals Napoli and Fiorentina, are in contention for Europa League glory.

But Juve’s next test on the domestic front comes against a Torino side that has lost only twice in their past 12 games, their last win a surprise 3-1 rout of Verona on Monday.

Along with Verona, Torino have been one of the surprise packages this season and club sporting director Gianluca Petrachi pointed to forward Ciro Immobile as one of the driving forces behind the club’s bid for a place in Europe.

“He’s making huge progress. Last summer (coach, Giampiero) Ventura were the only ones that could see his potential,” Petrachi told Tuttosport newspaper.

“No one would have bet anything on him but we did and so far we’re reaping the dividends.”