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Fans own you: Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong’o

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Actress Lupita Nyong’o thinks famous people are owned by their fans.


The 30-year-old actress is the star of the moment thanks to her turn as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave, which has earned her an Oscar nomination.

She’s built up a big fan base – something which isn’t too foreign for Nyong’o as she grew up in Nairobi with a famous politician father.

“When you’re a public figure, people have an ownership of you in a way,” she told website dujour广西桑拿,.

“People would interrupt our dinners all the time to have a moment with my father, and we’d understand because it was their one moment to have with him. I grew up observing that dynamic.”

Competing against Nyong’o for the best supporting actress Oscar at the Academy Awards on March 2 are Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Sally Hawkins and June Squibb.

The Kenyan star has a lot of backing from others in the industry, which she can’t quite get her head around.

“Actors will come up to me and they look so familiar – it’s killing me because I can’t remember,” she laughed.

“I spend all this time trying to place people, and it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the woman from [TV show] Luther, not the woman who did my hair last week.’ Some people have watched the film, so they acknowledge me, but I know I’ve never met them. Or I think I haven’t. It’s quite bizarre.”

12 Years a Slave was the first feature film for Nyong’o, who now also stars alongside Liam Neeson in the new action movie Non-Stop.

She should be celebrating her success, but the star is already thinking towards the future.

“That’s one of the concerns when you get lauded for something – can I do it again?” she said.

“One thing I learned at school was the value of failure, because once you fail you can get up and do it again.”

12 Years a Slave tells the harrowing true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was sold into slavery in 1841.

Nyong’o is glad that his story is being told.

“I’m really fulfilled right now by the traction this film is getting. It was made to be seen, and that’s what’s happening – America is engaging with it and being moved and changed by it. It’s really rewarding to be a part of that. That’s more important to me than any award,” she said.

* 12 Years a Slave is in Australian cinemas currently.

Geneva car expo taps into niche market

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From the practical to the exotic, this year’s 84th car expo in the Swiss city of Geneva will witness a host of hot debuts.


With core models thriving, manufacturers hope to tap into some profitable new market segments after a period when many new ideas were put on hold while the industry went through its recent big, bad recession.

Prime examples of the trend are the ground-breaking new BMW van and the hard-core McLaren 650S, which the maker says offers “ultimate performance” with “dramatic yet beautiful styling.”

The event at the Palexpo convention centre comes only a couple of months after a fireworks display of new models in Detroit.

Geneva is one of the biggest and most important dates in the car manufacturing calendar. The doors open to the public on March 6 and the show runs until March 16.

As usual, the exhibition offers visitors a chance to see dozens of new cars for the very first time as they make their public debut in Switzerland. Some outlandish concepts hint at the future of the car.

Grabbing attention will be the face-lifted Volkswagen Polo, which looks more than ever like its big brother, the Golf, the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe and the production version of the opulent Mercedes S-class coupe shown in Detroit.

The sporty two-door Merc S-class is crammed with technology and boasts the ability to lean into curves. A slightly toned-down version of the preview car shown in Frankfurt, its exclusivity is underlined by exotic features such as an LED lighting system complemented by 47 Swarovski glass crystals.

Fledgling Chinese maker Qoros is bringing the neat five-door Qoros 3 hatchback after unveiling the saloon version at last year’s Geneva show. That car, designed by former Volkswagen and Mini designer Gert Hildebrand, is already selling in Slovakia.

Audi will be showing the third generation of its seminal TT coupe and a ballistic, four-wheel-drive version of the fashionable S1 hatch.

BMW continues to go boldly where it has not gone before with the 2-series Active Tourer, a people carrier.

Like last year’s all-electric i3 introduced in Frankfurt, it is not the kind of car buyers usually expect from the premium German brand.

The 2-series MPV is sprightly and surprisingly elegant to look at. It also offers all the useful features that van owners appreciate, such as plenty of room in a variable interior and a large boot for luggage.

The 4-series Gran Coupe is a five-door version of the standard car with two frameless rear doors. It squares up against Audi’s well-established A5.

The wraps also come off the third generation of Renault’s cheeky hatchback, the Twingo, which will feature an unconventional rear-wheel-drive layout.

Related technically to the Smart Forfour, the Twingo is now a four-door runabout with more than nod in styling terms to the Fiat 500 with an engine at the back, just like the Italian 1950s original.

Power comes from a new three-cylinder unit with either 70 or 90 horsepower. Renault revolutionised the European small-car market in the mid-1990s with the original Twingo. But the days when the French car maker shifted more than 200,000 units a year are long gone.

Another throwback to the heyday of the Gallic minicar are the four standard pop body colours – bright yellow, red, light blue and white.

Both the Twingo and Peugeot’s cute new 108 offer customers a lot of options so they can personalise these small cars in the same way as customers buying the more expensive Mini or Opel Adam.

Along with the McLaren 650S, the high-end market is catered for by the likes of the new baby Lambo, the Huracan, which replaces the Gallardo, the best-selling model in the history of the Raging Bull marque.

Already a hit, the Huracan has racked up 700 orders during Lamborghini’s global VIP preview sessions. The car’s 5.2-litre V10 petrol engine turns out an amazing 610 horsepower to catapult the supercar from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in about 3.2 seconds.

Skoda’s slinky five-door Visteon C Concept shows just how self-confident the traditionally conservative Czech member of the Volkswagen empire has become.

The Honda Civic Type R Concept is a wide-tracked beast designed to outrun VW’s GTR and GTI hot hatches, while South Korea’s Hyundai Intrado crossover show car features innovative fuel-cell propulsion and dramatic new styling.

Aussie 1500m star aims for Olympic medal

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Rising middle distance star Zoe Buckman isn’t one to set any limits on what she can achieve in the coming years.


Last year, the 25-year-old was the nation’s surprise packet of the track when she became the first Australian female to make the 1500m final at a world championships.

Buckman was in the hunt for a medal before fading late to finish seventh.

Now, Buckman has set her sights on claiming gold at this year’s Commonwealth Games, and a podium finish at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

“If you think of just getting any medal, then you’re setting yourself a ceiling,” Buckman says of her bid to win Commonwealth gold.

“Why should you sell yourself short?

“The best athletes are the ones that look confident. They don’t seem to be burdened by anything.

“I improved between the London Games and Moscow (world championships) because I got a bit stronger.

“In Moscow I was up there with a medal chance until about 150m to go.

“I think I genuinely didn’t have as much strength as the girls who stormed home to take the medals.

“With time, that will come with gradual improvements in training and my technique.

“Most female athletes peak in their late 20s to early 30s. I’d say my career will stretch until my early 30s.”

Buckman will be in action on Saturday night when she competes at the Perth Track Classic.

Olympic gold medal hurdler Sally Pearson is the headline act, while other high-profile Australians in action include Kim Mickle (javelin) and sprint queen Melissa Breen.

Breen set a new Australian woman’s record for the 100m with a time of 11.11 earlier this month, breaking Melinda Gainsford-Taylor’s 20-year-old mark.

Pearson will also compete in the 100m flat, and hopes to break the 11-second barrier at some point in the coming years.

Internationals on show at the Perth Track Classic include dual Olympic gold medallist Felix Sanchez (400m hurdles), Beijing Olympic 400m champion LaShawn Merritt and mile specialist James Magut.

Facebook just bought ‘What’ for $19 billion?

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NEW YORK — Facebook just made its boldest business move ever, buying the mobile-messaging service WhatsApp in a deal worth some $19 billion in cash and stock.


That’s six times what Google paid for Nest in January, and 19 times what Facebook paid for Instagram two years ago. It’s so much money that people found themselves reaching beyond the business realm for context. Development expert Charles Kenny compared the purchase price to the total annual lending of the World Bank.

The immediate reaction from the tech and business world was incredulity. “Do they also get the state of Florida?” one jokester asked.

As far as I can tell, Facebook does not get the state of Florida in the deal. What it does get is a five-year-old, Mountain View, Calif.-based startup that has become one of the world’s most popular communication services in just the past year. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by a pair of ex-Yahoo-ers who set out to build a better alternative to standard, SMS-based text messaging. It allows you to chat and shoot texts, pictures and videos back and forth with friends over the Internet, like Apple’s iMessage, Microsoft’s Skype, BBM or Facebook Messenger. Not only does WhatsApp have more features than SMS, it’s far cheaper — free for the first year, and just $1 a year after that. It’s particularly useful as a way to chat with friends and family overseas without running up big charges. It also has no ads, although that seems highly likely to change under Facebook ownership.

The downside is that you’re limited to talking to other people who have downloaded the app. The upside is that, unlike iMessage, it’s available on Android as well, so you’re not limited to fellow iPhone owners.

For Facebook, part of WhatsApp’s luster is that it has emerged as the most popular of a cadre of similar mobile messaging apps, including Japan-based Line, China’s WeChat, Korea’s KakaoTalk and Canada’s Kik. Facebook likely sees it as the strongest bet to end up on top when the global mobile-messaging market eventually shakes out due to network effects. By the time it does, it may have subsumed a huge portion of the world market for text messaging. Right now WhatsApp has just 50 employees. With Facebook’s backing, it’s likely to have the resources to stay a step ahead of smaller competitors.

The speed of WhatsApp’s rise so far has been stunning. Last April, it had 200 million users. Since then, it has been adding some 25 million every month, and now boasts upwards of 430 million. Most of those are outside the United States, though it has a sizeable base stateside too. It’s said to be wildly popular in countries ranging from Spain to South Africa to Israel to India, boasting a reported 35 million users in India alone.

Within the U.S., it’s particularly popular among teens, a demographic that has famously soured on Facebook as a way to stay in touch. Teens clearly feel they can share things on WhatsApp, unlike Facebook, without their parents finding out about it. But the app’s appeal is hardly limited to young people. In a December blog post, WhatsApp co-founder, CEO, and soon-to-be-household-name Jan Koum boasted about some of the app’s more TED-talk-worthy uses:

Doctors in India are using WhatsApp to instantly send electrocardiogram pictures of patients who’ve suffered heart attacks, saving valuable time and potentially lives. In the mountains of Madrid, rescuers used WhatsApp to locate and save lost hikers. And today, as I follow the unfolding political crisis in Ukraine, the place where I was born and lived until the age of 16, I can’t help but hope that the next great WhatsApp story will be about people using the service to speak their mind and stand up for their basic rights.

So, sure, WhatsApp is a very promising and valuable startup. But is it really worth $19 billion? To most people in the world, no way. But if you happen to be running a company that’s valued at $173 billion and is terrified of losing its core business to mobile-messaging services, then you might start to think it’s worth just about whatever you have to pay.

Oremus is a Slate staff writer, reporting on technology and digital culture.

(c) 2014, Slate.

Troubled United need to start rebuilding

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Manchester United will look to end a three-match winless run and get their sputtering top-four challenge back on track when they travel to Crystal Palace on Saturday.


United made the most of a blank weekend caused by their early exit from the FA Cup by heading to Dubai for warm weather training after last week’s goalless draw at Arsenal.

But even there United manager David Moyes couldn’t relax as he continues to reshape a squad which is in need of a major overhaul following a dispiriting start to the post-Alex Ferguson era at Old Trafford.

United are closing on a new contract for Wayne Rooney, while Inter Milan claim they are on the verge of a deal for Nemanja Vidic, who announced earlier this month that he will leave Old Trafford when his contract expires in the close-season.

After the visit to Selhurst Park to face Palace, they re-start their Champions League campaign with a last 16 first leg tie at Olympiakos next week and with an 11-point gap to fourth-placed Liverpool, they may have to win the competition to get a place for next season.

With 12 league matches remaining they know they can not afford any more slips like the 2-1 loss at Stoke, which again halted the champions’ progress, at the start of the month.

Following that they were held to a 2-2 draw at home against Fulham before drawing at Arsenal.

Palace have endured an unexpected two week break since their last outing, the 3-1 home victory over fellow strugglers West Bromwich Albion that has left them two points clear of the bottom three.

Tony Pulis’s side had been due to face Everton at Goodison Park last week but the match was postponed because of adverse weather conditions.

Palace manager Pulis was grateful for the efforts of the Merseyside club in finding overnight accommodation and training facilities for his team.

But he insists the enforced lay-off came at the wrong time for his improving team who appeared destined to fall back into the Championship earlier in the season.

“It’s disappointing because we were on such a good run so to have so long not doing something is tough,” Pulis said.

“I have to say though, Everton were absolutely fantastic. They fed the players, found us a hotel and training facilities and paid for everything.

“I just hope the chairman has paid back what we owe them!”