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Sugary drinks off the menu for ACT schools

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The last drinks bell has rung in Canberra’s public schools with the government moving to ban sugary drinks by the end of the year.


Vending machines will be emptied of soft drinks, fruit juices and full-fat flavoured milks by the end of first term and canteens will have to phase them out by the end of 2014.

They’ll be replaced with water refill stations and reusable drink bottles.

Parents will be encouraged to send healthy drinks packed in their children’s lunch boxes.

However the ban won’t extend to drinks sold at fetes and fundraisers.

It’s all in the interests of tackling the ACT’s growing obesity problem.

“We must not allow the next generation of children to grow up with the same bad eating and drinking habits that some adults are now paying the price for,” Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said in a statement on Friday.

The fruit juice industry says the government’s decision to include its products in the ban is a misguided attempt to show leadership.

“The ACT government is jumping at shadows and is concerned about the sugar in juice which is naturally occurring and comes from the originating piece of fruit,” Fruit Juice Australia chief executive Geoff Parker told AAP.

“We don’t support a young kid drinking a litre of juice or a 600mL of juice but a small glass of juice a day as part of an overall balanced diet is perfectly fine.”

He said a blanket ban sent the wrong message to children when evidence showed kids who drank juice had a better quality of diet overall.

Ms Gallagher said canteens would follow the traffic light guidelines so juices that were 99 per cent fruit and sold in small quantities would be for sale occasionally, along with some cordials and flavoured mineral waters.

She said it was expected for industry to push back against the decision.

Hey, Ukraine, that crackdown is gonna cost you

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WASHINGTON — United States and European Union officials made clear this week that they would be prepared to move ahead with targeted sanctions against the government of embattled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych if his security forces continued using live ammunition against the protesters clogging the streets of most of the country’s major cities.


With events on the ground in Ukraine changing almost by the hour, the Obama administration and its allies began imposing a limited set of punitive measures and laying the groundwork for a more extensive campaign. This week, the State Department barred 20 Ukrainians from getting American visas. A senior State Department official wouldn’t name the people, but said it included “the full chain of command” of Ukrainian government and security personnel involved in the crackdown that left 26 people dead and hundreds injured earlier this week. The official stressed that the United States and the EU were prepared to take further measures if the situation in Ukraine doesn’t improve.

In one highly-visible sign of the new consensus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who dismissed the idea of sanctions just weeks ago, reversed course this week and said that EU foreign ministers would discuss imposing sanctions. Merkel said sanctions would show that the EU was serious about pressing for a political solution in Ukraine, at a joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande, who also threw his support behind sanctions.

The cooperation on sanctions marks a sharp change for U.S. and EU leaders, who have been bitterly divided about how to respond to the Ukrainian political crisis. U.S. leaders have been preparing sanctions for weeks, but EU officials opposed sanctioning Kiev and had instead preferred to provide Ukraine with financial assistance designed to boost its moribund economy. European leaders, in an about face from their earlier opposition, have now joined the U.S. chorus calling for sanctions against Ukrainian officials.

The acrimony of the U.S.-European divide was revealed in discussions among senior diplomats about the two sides, which leaked two weeks ago. In a now infamous conversation posted to YouTube, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the American ambassador to Ukraine that Europe was taking too soft a line with Yanukovych. “F— the EU,” she said.

In a separate conversation, which was also leaked, Helga Schmid, a senior German diplomat, told the EU ambassador to Ukraine that it was “very annoying that the Americans are going around criticizing the EU and saying we are too soft.”

The violence in Kiev seems to have papered over those rifts, but it’s not yet clear what shape a sanctions regime would take or whether the measures would be effective. Some U.S. policymakers have been pushing for targeted financial sanctions against government officials and wealthy businessmen close to the regime since violence first broke out. Those kinds of measures are widely believed to have brought Iran to the negotiating table to discuss rolling back the country’s nuclear program.

Future sanctions against Ukraine would almost certainly be far more limited than what has been in place against Iran, out of concern that the sanctions could hurt ordinary Ukrainians and push public opinion toward embracing an alliance with Russia. Sanctions would likely focus solely on Ukrainian officials and their supporters. They would also be less effective because Russia would likely not join in on measures targeting one of its closest allies. The current crisis began late last year when Ukrainians took to the streets after Yanukovych rejected an EU trade deal in favor of a bailout from Russia.

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NT pharmacists to immunise patients

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In a national first, pharmacists in the Northern Territory will soon be able to immunise people against the flu and measles.


But doctors say pharmacists can’t control their conflict of interest and this will be to the detriment of patients.

On Wednesday the NT government introduced changes to the Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act, which will allow pharmacists, nurses, midwives and Aboriginal health practitioners to immunise patients.

The NT is the first Australian jurisdiction to legislate such a change, although Queensland is currently conducting a similar trial.

There, a $25 fee has been proposed for a pharmacist-administered vaccination in Queensland, although it’s not yet known if the NT would follow a similar pricing scheme.

“In cost there’s almost certainly an advantage for consumers, and in convenience there’s definitely an advantage for consumers, because it becomes a one-stop shop,” said Greg Turnbull, spokesman for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Pharmacies would require a private consulting room to administer vaccinations and to begin with they would only be immunising adults.

But the head of the Australian Medical Association NT says patients being vaccinated in a pharmacy will miss out on continuity of care.

“Doctors usually ask about other issues, they know about preventative health and make sure the patient’s long term health is going to be managed,” Dr Peter Beaumont told AAP.

“That just cannot and will not happen when people’s health is chopped up in pieces and they have vaccinations in pharmacies.”

He said pharmacists faced a conflict of interest when they advise, prescribe, sell and administer medications to patients.

“We know that pharmacists just push unproven vitamins and supplements… They’ve shown they don’t know how to control their conflict of interest, seeing as how if they can make a profit out of something they will sell it when they know there’s no evidence of the benefits for most people.”

But Mr Turnbull said vaccinations were within the scope of a pharmacist’s practice, although it was not yet included in their curriculum.

“There are all sorts of protocols and safeties – it’s certainly not a bonanza for pharmacists, it’s not turf-stealing by pharmacists against doctors, it’s just a common sense thing,” he said.

“Doctors just keep trying to build a bigger moat around their castle and unfortunately they’re at odds against common sense and the trend in the western world.”

He said pharmacies are already empowered to administer vaccines in every state of the US, in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Simone Rocha on her feminine inspired line

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Fashion designer Simone Rocha wants to explore where femininity started.


Rocha showed her Autumn/Winter 14 collection at London Fashion Week on Tuesday and her line included plaid, gold and animal-print material with decadent ruffles.

An Elizabethan inspiration was evident and the fashion star revealed why she felt compelled to create her latest pieces.

“I actually went to see a show in the National Portrait Gallery of 16th Century Oil paintings and that was where I originally started thinking about it. I always look at femininity and I really wanted to look back and see where it started,” she told harpersbazaar广西桑拿,.

Key looks included a bright red dress with mesh panels and a structured skirt.

There were also shimmering shorter frocks with extravagant detailing on the luxe fabric.

“It was really pulling highlights from references of the paintings, something monochrome would have a pink or red highlight coming through and I wanted to take that angle and really flesh it out in the collection,” she said.

Rocha thinks the girls who wear her designs are “young, strong, modern and feminine”.

She loves to add special touches to her pieces, something she believes strongly in.

“Yes it’s super important. For me I really want every piece to be really special and to have so much more than you might expect,” she said.

Rocha, 27, is one of the most sought-after designers right now and recently it was revealed she is collaborating with J Brand on a collection.

J Brand’s CEO Jeff Rudes explained why he picked the talented star.

“Simone has developed such a strong aesthetic in a very short space of time” he previously said. “Her maturity and sense of direction as a designer is unparalleled for her generation; we are thrilled to have Simone creating a capsule collection with us.”

The collection will be available at the end of this year.

Indiana deal Granger at NBA trade

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The Indiana Pacers, sitting atop the NBA’s Eastern Conference, obtained swingman Evan Turner from Philadelphia in exchange for Danny Granger in the biggest deal on Thursday at the league’s trade deadline.


The Pacers, who obtained forward Lavoy Allen as well in the swap, also sent the 76ers a 2015 NBA Draft second-round pick in the deal.

Turner, who will be a free agent after the season, was the second selection in the 2010 NBA Draft and is averaging 17.4 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.7 assists this season.

Granger has spent his entire nine-year career with the Pacers, averaging 17.6 points a game.

At 41-13, the Pacers are two games ahead of Miami for the best record in the East and a home-court playoff edge throughout the conference playoffs, but have lacked scoring punch at times, relying on a tough defence.

Other East teams fighting for playoff positions despite losing records made moves to tweak their roster as well.

The Atlanta Hawks (25-28) obtained veteran forward Antawn Jamison from the Los Angeles Clippers for the rights to Turkish swingman Cenk Akyol, who plays for Galatasaray in his homeland.

Jamison, in his 16th NBA season, averages 3.8 points and 2.5 rebounds a game in a reserve role.

Washington (26-28) obtained veteran point guard Andre Miller from Denver in a three-team deal in which the Wizards sent Czech forward Jan Vesely to Denver and guard Eric Maynor to Philadelphia, which also took future second-round draft picks from each club.

Miller will provide solid bench support for Wizards playmaker John Wall, the NBA slam dunk contest winner.

Philadelphia also traded centre Spencer Hawes to the Cleveland Cavaliers for forward Earl Clark, centre Henry Sims and two 2014 second-round draft picks, and the 76ers acquired centre Byron Mullens from the Clippers for a draft pick.

Houston sent reserve guard Aaron Brooks to Denver for swingman Jordan Hamilton as the Rockets, 37-17 and winners of eight in a row to stand third in the Western Conference, add support for bearded sharpshooter James Harden.

The Charlotte Bobcats, 25-30 to hold the eighth and final East playoff spot, obtained guards Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour from the NBA-worst Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for guard Ramon Sessions and forward Jeff Adrien.

Reigning NBA champion Miami traded reserve guard Roger Mason to the Sacramento Kings for a 2015 second-round draft pick.